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What online payment options are available in Invoice Manager?

There are many different options for receiving Invoice Manager payments. All options are available either through your Online Customer Payment Portal or via a Secured Payment Page.

Depending on your overall configurations, customers using the Online Customer Payment Portal can:

  • Login to a portal, branded with your logo, to manage all current and past invoices.
  • Save multiple payment methods on file.
  • Make payments immediately or at schedule one-time payments for the future.
  • Pay invoices in full or make multiple partial-payments.
  • Enroll in AutoPay to automatically pay-off total outstanding balance on the monthly auto-pay date. 
  • Enroll in Payment Plans to elect specific invoices to be paid incrementally according to a fixed-payment schedule.


If NOT using the Online Customer Payment Portal, you can receive payments via:

  • Secure Payment Page
    • A unique, one-time payment link is generated for each invoice. Customers click the link to access the secure page to make payment.
  • In-person or over the phone via Virtual Terminal
    • Instead of having the customer initiate payment, as the merchant you can accept in-person or over the phone payments using Virtual Terminal.

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