What is the Transaction Report?

The Transaction Report is the tool to use if you need to view a single transaction or a small grouping of specific transactions. You can search for transactions using various search criteria.

  • There is a Count and a Net Volume displayed at the top of the Transaction Report results.
    • The Count is a raw tally of the number of transactions returned in the result set.
    • The Net Volume is the value of receivable income (Sales and Captures - Refunds, Voids, and Credits = Net Volume).
  • Transactions are color coded for success or failure using Green and Red backgrounds respectively.
    • A transaction coded with a White background means Paystri did not receive a response from the processing network. Contact Support to conduct an investigation.
  • Transaction results can be exported to Excel or a Text file using buttons at the top of the results page. The export includes full transaction details but payment account numbers are encrypted.
  • Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon to the right of any transaction will take you the detail page for that particular transaction. From the Transaction Detail Page, you can:
    • Print a receipt
    • Issue a new email receipt
    • Issue subsequent transactions such as a Refund or New Sale

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