How do I view transactions in the EPN gateway portal?

Viewing transactions within EPN gateway portal.

  1. Login to the Merchant Support Center.
  2. Click Activity Reports in the side bar menu.
  3. There are several options for viewing transactions on this page:
    1. Current Batch
      • Contains transactions recently authorized and awaiting batch closure.
      • Click the View button next to Current Batch Report.
    2. Outstanding Authorization Report
      • Pending authorizations waiting to be converted to sales.
      • To convert an authorization to a sale:
        • Click the View button next to the Outstanding Authorization Report.
        • Find the transaction you want to convert to a sale and click the corresponding check box in the right column.
        • Click the Convert to Sales button at the bottom of the page.
    3. Today's Decline Report
      • All transactions declined on a specific day.
      • Click the View button next to Today's Decline Report.
    4. Activity Reports
      • Includes transactions that have been authorized and closed.
      • Under Activity Reports, you may select report parameters such as whole or partial credit card number, invoice number, customer/company name, or transaction ID.  The default parameter is "All Transactions Within Date Range".
      • Choose a report based on the desired day, month, date range, or by batch.

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