How do I view my payments?

Viewing your payment details.

  1. Login to
  2. Once logged in, click on the Reports button at the top of the task bar.
  3. Report access will depend on your login privileges. The most common reports are Payment History, Batch History, Voids/Declines, Open Batch - Omaha FE, Authorization Log, Returns, Transaction Search, and Retrievals/Chargebacks.TxnsDropdown
  4. All reports allow you to search by date range. Use the Filter button in the top middle of the page of the report. It will give you a date range to choose. ReportsFilter
    1. Payment History - All deposits funded to your bank account.PaymentHistory
    2. Batch History - Batches transmitted for funding.

    3. Voids/Declines - All voided or declined transactions.

    4. Open Batch - Omaha FE - All transactions open in the terminal but not yet batched.

    5. Authorization Log - All authorized transactions not yet captured. For example, a transaction run as a PRE-AUTHORIZATION would show here but not in OPEN BATCH reporting.

    6. Returns - Transactions run as refunds.

    7. Transaction Search - Search for specific transactions by date, authorization code, last 4 or first 6 of card number, or transaction amount.

    8. Retrievals/Chargebacks - All transactions filed as a dispute by the customer.

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