How do I process a sale via the EPN online terminal?

Processing sale transactions via the EPN online terminal.

  1. Log in to the Merchant Support Center:
  2. Click Online Terminal in the side bar menu.
  3. Enter the sale amount.
  4. The transaction type is already set for sale.
  5. Complete credit card information.
    NOTE: If you do not have the CVV2 number, you will need to select a different CVV2 type that matches your situation.
  6. Customer/Order Info - enter your customer's information:
    1. Street address and ZIP code (this is not required to complete the transaction, but is required to qualify for AVS at your MSP)
    2. Tax amount and purchase order (required for business or corporate cards)
    3. NOTE: If you do not have the purchase order or tax information, use the current date for the purchase order and "0.00" for tax.

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