How do I process a sale transaction via an EPN recurring record?

Sale transactions via an EPN recurring record.

  1. Login to the Merchant Support Center:
  2. Click Recurring Billing in the side bar menu.
  3. From the Recur page, you can Quick Search for an existing Recur using the customer or company name, the Recur ID, or your own identifier (which you would have added to the Identifier field when you created the Recur).
  4. You can also view the Recurring Reports section to bring up Recurs based on a month, current Recurs, Recurs scheduled for a future date, or based on the expiration date of the payment card.
  5. When you find the Recur record, click the corresponding Sale button to the right.
  6. Change the Recur amount if necessary.
  7. Checking the box Apply to Recur will force the system to skip the next Recur.
  8. Checking Email Receipt will email a receipt to the customer. You may uncheck this if you wish.
  9. Click Submit to charge the card.

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