How do I create a file format for my bundle?

Before you can upload your bundle for processing, you must establish a File Format first.

A File Format acts as a template by matching the Headers on your spreadsheet to the Data Fields in our system.

Note: You are only required to Create a New File Format if the mapping of your .CSV file
headers changes.

To Create a File Format

  • Go to Process Payment – Bundle Processing
  • Click Manage File Formats
  • Select Choose File
    • Note: At this step, all rows in the file are ignored except for the headers.
  • Once file is chosen, click Upload File & Continue
  • Now you will specify the data from your file.
  • Choose your File Format Name
    • Note: Treat this as your Template Nickname so you can easily identify this format if you use this same mapping in the future.
  • Match Your Columns from the column headers in your file to Our Columns, which are the data fields in the gateway.
  • Once mapping is complete, select Save File Format 
  • Confirmation appears indicating your File Format Saved Successfully

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